Beware- China is mass producing plastic rice!

We’ve heard of the fake eggs that were being produced in China but unfortunately, we have other shocking news. The world media is spreading the news about fake, plastic Chinese rice. Folks, make sure you read the labels as eating 3 bowls of plastic rice is equal to eating one plastic bag.

While the plastic rice is produced in China it was also found in Kerala, India’s southern state as well as other Asian countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam.

This type of rice can also be found in many commercial brands as it’s not all plastic- the ones who produce it mix it with normal rice. The differences are almost unnoticeable but, the digestive problems that consumers have pretty realistic.

This plastic rice contains sweet potatoes, mixed potatoes and synthetic resin. Well, the last one isn’t a merry one that’s for sure. It has negative and even toxic effects on the gastrointestinal system. The worst part is that the rice has been on the market for a long time now and again, people can’t really notice the difference.

How can we avoid the fake plastic rice?

As we previously mentioned, it’s hard to distinguish the fake rice from the normal one in a supermarket however, you can do something about it in your home. The plastic rice has a taste that is different from the normal one, when cooked. It even burns when it’s exposed to heat- just like plastic.