Diagnose your headaches based on the place where it occurs and get rid of it permanently!

Most of the times, it’s not hard to tell why you have a headache. However, there are times when the reason behind the headache gives even doctors a hard time figuring it all out. Luckily, the pain is almost always concentrated in a certain area on the head. So, depending on the place and the time when it occurs, it may signal some serious health issues.

If the headache occurs early in the morning it may indicate brain tumor, high blood pressure or sleep apnea and if you experience it often, the best thing to do is consult a doctor. Symptoms like mood swings and change of vision that accompany the headache should definitely be checked in at the doctor’s office.

Different location, different diagnose:

  • The pain occurs on one half of the head

This probably means that you’re dealing with a migraine. It’s not particularly dangerous however, it is very difficult to cope with such a phenomenon due to the fact that the pain can last up to 72 hours. The pain is pulsating (from moderate to severe) and you may also experience sensitivity to noise and light. It is advisable to take a painkilling tablet as soon as the symptoms pop out and make sure you stay in a dark room.

  • When it feels like your head is pressed with vise

I’m sure that you’ve heard people saying that. Fortunately, this sort of pain gradually disappears and it goes to medium intensity. The reason behind it is increased stress and taking a nap will probably solve the problem.

  • The pain occurs on one side of the face and swells onto the eye lids

This kind of pain usually lasts in cycles and is pretty strong. It lasts from half an hour to three hours and it occurs in certain periods of the year but sometimes, years may pass between the two attacks. The cycles mentioned, usually last from two weeks to a whole month, whereas the pain usually occurs at the same time of the night or the day.

  • Painful forehead

This pain usually indicated inflamed sinuses and it also can be felt in the cheek bones. Showering with warm water or inhalation can improve the health condition.

  • Pain in the neck and the back of the head

Usually occurs due to sitting for a long period of time. Breathing some fresh air and stretching will ease the pain.

It is also beneficial to keep a diary that includes information on the time when it occurs, the duration and the intensity of the pain. Make sure you show it to your doctor so; s/he can diagnose the condition more easily. In addition, experts say that most headaches occur due to dehydration so, you know what to do!