Don’t ever throw away the silica bags :Here’s how to use them wisely!

The silica bags are believed to be toxic and completely useless, so once we open the brand new shoe box, we immediately throw them away. However, these bags aren’t really poisonous. The substances that they contain are called silicon dioxide and while they definitely shouldn’t be eaten, the can be very useful around the house. Namely, in these bags there are non-toxic inert desiccant that are capable of drying out anything around them. This characteristic of their, can be used to make your life easier in some ways.

Saving old photos

Photos are reminders of our past and dear moments that are close to our hearts. Nevertheless, photos tend to deteriorate with time and it would be great if we could stop that process. Fortunately, all you need to do is out several silica gel bags in the box where you keep your old photos to save them from the dampness!

Preventing towels from getting damp

To avoid the unpleasant smell and getting damp, put a few of the silica bags in the towel cabinet. Problem solved!

Saving your drowned phone

When you phone gets all wet, after you dropped it in water, you can try with silica bags just. It would be very effective to put it in a jar that’s full of these bags just like putting it in a jar of rice.

Preventing your car windows from fogging up

Instead of waiting the air conditioner to do its job, you can put a bunch of silica gel bags under the windshield (from the inside). You’ll definitely save yourself extra 10 minutes that you’ll need to clean the windows and the next morning it will be fog free.

Saving your make up

Every woman should have a bag or two of these in the makeup purse, just to stop the powdery make up from curdling.

Making your razors last longer

Put your razors in a plastic container with a dew silica bags in it instead of leaving them around in the bath, where it is always wet.

Refreshing your gym bag

The reason for these bags’ existence is to protect your shoes by absorbing the extra moisture. Thus, the silica bags help us get rid of germs and dampness so, they will definitely be of help if you put several of them in the gym bag to eliminate the foul odor.

So, next time you buy something don’t throw away the silica gel bags; you’ll need them later!