Freeze lemons like this and activate their hidden power to fight inflammation and cancer!

Freeze lemons and fight those infections off – easy and 1,2,3!

Limonoids, compounds founded in lemons and some other citrus fruit, were shown to impede both ER- and ER+ breast cancer cell growth in a new study. This also supports other studies that showed fruit can lower breast cancer risk and sheds a whole new light at the importance of citrus fruit.

Growing number of people believe that lemon is one of the most beneficial foods on Earth and that it should be used without anything wasted. It appears that the part that’s usually wasted, the lemon peel, has 5-10 times more vitamins compared to the lemon juice only ( it also eliminates toxins from the body). Let’s not talk about the amazing taste!

A recent study showed that lemon is 10,000 stronger than chemotherapy; therefor, it’s quite effective in killing cancer. Take into consideration that it lacks the terrible effects of chemotherapy and it tastes pretty good!

Unfortunately, there are people who want to make toxic versions that bring them profit. Big corporations hide such information and treat people with synthetics. For the situation to get even worse these synthetics cause other symptoms and of course, we need other drugs to fight those symptoms. It’s like a never ending cycle that brings huge financial profit.

However, lemon is believed to be a proved remedy against all kinds of cancer and its health benefits are more than obvious. Lemons have remarkable effects on tumors and cysts. They are also effective against internal worms and parasites, fungi and bacterial infections. Combating stress, nervous disorders, acting as anti-depressant and regulating high blood pressure is what lemons do.

What was recently found out is that freezing lemons activates their inflammation and cancer fighting properties. It was stated that after 20 laboratory tests, malignant cells in 12 cancers were destroyed by the extract from the frozen lemon, including breast, colon, prostate, pancreas and lung.
In addition, it was found that compounds of the lemon tree are far more effective than Adriamycin, the drug that is part of the chemotherapy. This means that lemon compounds have power to slow the growth of the bad cells. And no, lemon extract doesn’t destroy healthy tissue, cancer-cells only!
All you have to do to enjoy the benefits is to take an organic lemon, wash it well and put it in your freezer. When it is finally frozen, shred the lemon and no peeling!

The best part is that you can use it in whatever you are eating. It enhances the taste of the food and gives it a wonderful flavor. Keep your body in the best state possible!