Himalayan salt for the body and the mind!

Himalayan salt is said to be the cleanest one available today. Thus, many people use it as it brings about a lot of health benefits and can potentially help with headaches, allergies, insomnia and so on. This salt has all kids of therapeutic and nutritional properties. It reduces the blood pressure and cholesterol as well.

Nowadays, we use numerous devices that pose a threat to out health and well-being. They release ions that create electronic smog, which is quite harmful. Furthermore, the brain is exposed to an amount of electronic smog (20 times! ) more than we can handle. That’s why it is necessary to neutralize the ions and Himalayan salt can do exactly that.

The ions that are being released from all the electronic devices are positive, while the Himalaya salt is an immense source of negative ions. The negative ions attack the positive ones, thus, neutralizing them in the process.

Due to this process the air is purified, which will affect your mood and brain in a positive way. People who suffer from arthritis, migraines and any other stress-related problems will benefit from it as well.

If by any chance, you’re not a fan of salty food, then you can try the Himalayan salt lambs. They are bulbs with salt in it, that supply light. The salt is heated up in the bulb, releasing negative ions. In humid environments, the salt may be wet as it attracts moisture. Luckily, it will quickly evaporate because of the heat.

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